Now I know I've always said I'm a tea-lover. Especially redbush tea. And that's very true. In the evening. In the morning I like to drink a cup of coffee. At work, we only have 'instant'-coffee. It's nothing like the real stuff but it is better than no coffee at all.

I like my coffee black. The black gold. When I started drinking it, I used both milk and sugar. Then I left home as a student, living in a studenthouse, depending on just so many guilders a month. One morning the sugar was finished. So I used my coffee with just (coffee)milk. After a while I decided I didn't need the coffeemilk either. Was also cheaper... being a student, you know. So that's how I started to drink my coffee black. How do you drink yours?

again mounted onto original aruban driftwood

Just to say...

Hello. This stamp is just to say... whatever you want to whoever you want. I just want to say: I've been out of the stampcarving 'business' for two months, so to give myself an easy start I'm back in my comfortzone; cats. But that sentence is a little bit too long to fit in the stamp. So I just put it here. And we will see what this stamp will be used for in future.

Tea? Yes! Redbush tea, ofcourse.


We had a snake in our garden.
It wasn't a big one, but walking to the car in the dark I saw something crawling on the floor and I decided to jump over it.
Good decision.

So, a new idea for an alphabet-stamp was born. That's how it goes.

size 3 x 4 centimeters

And again, a small piece of art where there was nothing, a couple of hours ago.

Everybody can do it :-)


Namestamp for a sweet cupcake... ehh, girl ;-).

Letters are about 9mm (the 'e'), so not too small.
I'm practising in secret on 5mm or smaller ones.
It's still no great success: just keep on cutting!

K is for Kevin

My husband.
My best best friend.
My dushi ;-)

'I am making a stamp of your portrait, just like the one I made of myself the other day.'
'Shouldn't you take a closer look at me then?'
'No, I'm doing it by heart, I know you.'
'We have a lot of pictures...'
'No thank you, this is not a picture, this is a quick drawing (again) like the one I made of myself the other day.'

'Are you sure this is me..?'



in his favorite color :-)

Drifting cat

I love cats, I think I mentioned that before. 
I don't have one myself.
I think I mentioned that before too...

So every once in a while I make my own cat :-)
(Check the labels for 'cats'.)

First I made the drawing and started cutting:

After the first impression I decided to also cut out the rest of the face:

Then I glued it onto a piece of original Aruba driftwood ;-)

First there's nothing and then there's your own piece of art :-)

'C' is for Cat
That's clear...
What do you think?
Feel an alphabet coming up?
(You never know...)


Sandra is a schoolteacher. But in her spare-time, she's also a scoutinggirl :-). I don't know much about scouting, but I do know people use different names, being a scoutingleader. And Sandra is one. So for the namestamp she ordered, she asked me to use the caracter of her scoutingname. 

(image from the internet)

Do you recognize him? Let me know!

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