It's not that I was doing nothing. I WAS creating :-). Just not stamps. I entered Sketchbook Skool. Very kool (-:
"Seeing"  is the name of the course I followed. And I did see a lot. I saw a lot of myself (selfies) and of ordinary things I hardly ever take a closer look at. Think I'm going to follow another Sketchbook Skool course in january. Loved it!

'Fast and slow': watercolour in one minute, then precise work in pen.

'Dive into the piece of toast, forget it is toast' (-:

'Make a selfie a day' (in different ways)

'Continual line drawing of three items'

'Go outside and draw a bird' 

'Draw nature, mixing different greens' (difficult!)

'Use a ballpoint, drawing items in the colour of the ballpoint'


 'Draw a collection, with a ballpoint'

'See the pattern and draw'

Next time it will be a stamp again (-:


A couple of weeks ago I was so lucky to follow a workshop at Terrafuse, Aruban glass - and ceramicart. I was introduced to the wonderful (but complicated...) world of making glassbeads. Very nice and interesting! I took home some selfmade beads, little wobly, not as round as I saw them in my mind... But it was a good introduction to this type of glassart and I will be back for more!

Did it myself :)

It was my pleasure to make a custom-ordered stamp for Marian from Terrafuse, with their logo on it, a small lizard.
Here's the result, was fun working on it.

the stamp messures 5 centimeters

mounted onto original aruban driftwood

Think outside the box

That's exactly what I did. Because this 'stamp' absolutely doesn't fit in my stamp-box. It messures about 10 x 20cm.

Aruba pelicans.
I want to go and look for a frame and hang it on my wall :).

From drawing to cutting to printing.

Pimp your diary

What do you need:

* a diary...
* your gouch and knife
* a simple eraser
* drawing of your favorite image, in my case a cat :)

And then you just do your thing:

And... ready for schoolyear '14-'15! (thank god we still have another two weeks of holidays..)

What's in a name?

Well, a lot of stamps, in this case ;).

Over the past few weeks I made four namestamps. Three of them were custom orders for three sweet children :D.

Fleur got a flowerstamp (as her name is the French word for 'flower'). Her little sister got a cupcakestamp, because she's as sweet as a cupcake herself :). Their brother is a cool dude... he plays baseball, so I made him a basebatstamp.

And then the fourth stamp. A special one. My sister-in-law could hardly wait for the big event. Last friday she got married to my brother and could finaly use his last name :). So as a present I made her a stamp with her new last name. To use on all her out-going familypost. Glad she liked it.

 Bettie does the final check. Looks good enough, she says.

E is for Duck?

In our circle of friends there's a lot of talking about ducks lately. Especially ducklings, very young ones. People find them, abandoned by there parents. Ahhh... and ofcourse these small cute cuties need to be taken care of. One of the two orphans I know about has already been eaten by a big bird.. The second one is living a happy life as we speak, following his foster parents where ever they go. Very funny.
I say 'yes' to saving small ducklings. They are too cute.

So here's the 'e' for 'eend', the Dutch duck.

driftwood duck


Now I know I've always said I'm a tea-lover. Especially redbush tea. And that's very true. In the evening. In the morning I like to drink a cup of coffee. At work, we only have 'instant'-coffee. It's nothing like the real stuff but it is better than no coffee at all.

I like my coffee black. The black gold. When I started drinking it, I used both milk and sugar. Then I left home as a student, living in a studenthouse, depending on just so many guilders a month. One morning the sugar was finished. So I used my coffee with just (coffee)milk. After a while I decided I didn't need the coffeemilk either. Was also cheaper... being a student, you know. So that's how I started to drink my coffee black. How do you drink yours?

again mounted onto original aruban driftwood

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