I'm a schoolteacher

...and I want to show it (-:

I already made these a while ago, in august and september. Ron and Marsha are both schoolteachers. Whether they use the stamps in their books or to send a nice message to a pupil.. I hope they will have fun using them.


Mette is born. A friend of her mothers, who happens to be a colleague of mine (that friend I mean), ordered this stamp.
She gave me the birth-announcement-card and I started cutting away. This weekend it will travel to Holland as a present. Hope Mette, or her parents, like it.


It's not that I was doing nothing. I WAS creating :-). Just not stamps. I entered Sketchbook Skool. Very kool (-:
"Seeing"  is the name of the course I followed. And I did see a lot. I saw a lot of myself (selfies) and of ordinary things I hardly ever take a closer look at. Think I'm going to follow another Sketchbook Skool course in january. Loved it!

'Fast and slow': watercolour in one minute, then precise work in pen.

'Dive into the piece of toast, forget it is toast' (-:

'Make a selfie a day' (in different ways)

'Continual line drawing of three items'

'Go outside and draw a bird' 

'Draw nature, mixing different greens' (difficult!)

'Use a ballpoint, drawing items in the colour of the ballpoint'


 'Draw a collection, with a ballpoint'

'See the pattern and draw'

Next time it will be a stamp again (-:


A couple of weeks ago I was so lucky to follow a workshop at Terrafuse, Aruban glass - and ceramicart. I was introduced to the wonderful (but complicated...) world of making glassbeads. Very nice and interesting! I took home some selfmade beads, little wobly, not as round as I saw them in my mind... But it was a good introduction to this type of glassart and I will be back for more!

Did it myself :)

It was my pleasure to make a custom-ordered stamp for Marian from Terrafuse, with their logo on it, a small lizard.
Here's the result, was fun working on it.

the stamp messures 5 centimeters

mounted onto original aruban driftwood

Think outside the box

That's exactly what I did. Because this 'stamp' absolutely doesn't fit in my stamp-box. It messures about 10 x 20cm.

Aruba pelicans.
I want to go and look for a frame and hang it on my wall :).

From drawing to cutting to printing.

Pimp your diary

What do you need:

* a diary...
* your gouch and knife
* a simple eraser
* drawing of your favorite image, in my case a cat :)

And then you just do your thing:

And... ready for schoolyear '14-'15! (thank god we still have another two weeks of holidays..)

What's in a name?

Well, a lot of stamps, in this case ;).

Over the past few weeks I made four namestamps. Three of them were custom orders for three sweet children :D.

Fleur got a flowerstamp (as her name is the French word for 'flower'). Her little sister got a cupcakestamp, because she's as sweet as a cupcake herself :). Their brother is a cool dude... he plays baseball, so I made him a basebatstamp.

And then the fourth stamp. A special one. My sister-in-law could hardly wait for the big event. Last friday she got married to my brother and could finaly use his last name :). So as a present I made her a stamp with her new last name. To use on all her out-going familypost. Glad she liked it.

 Bettie does the final check. Looks good enough, she says.

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